Friend, you run a business, manage a team, create products, care for people you love, and these things are only a part of who you are. You don’t have to add a brand photographer and visual brand strategist to your already impressive list of skills!

You are someone who makes things happen.

Let me help!


You are a trendsetter. A move-maker. A world-shaker.

I know firsthand how much work it is to build and market a business. Let me help you with one of the most daunting parts...brand imagery.

Brand imagery is you, in your creative space, creating as only you can. It is images of your product beautifully displayed next to the hands that made them. Brand photography captures the essence of your business and your mission while curating them into a visual brand story that tells your clients exactly who you are. 

As an entrepreneur myself,

Photos + Strategy

Photos alone don’t tell the whole story. Together we will craft a strategy for sharing your images on Social Media, creating visual brand messaging that is beautiful and meaningful! I have spent 10 years as a communications director at a church ministering to a diverse community so I know firsthand how important communication is to your mission and purpose!

let's get started

What Do You Need? 



Ok, so you know that family photo you cropped down to use on your business card isn’t really cutting it...but brands like yours need more than just a single image of your face. The truth is, we all want to buy from people we trust. That means sharing your story is important. You need more than a headshot - you need a collection of images that tell about the HEART behind your business. 


Product Images

Images of what you do are important, but photos of you doing it? Those tell the whole story and let your buyers know more about the person creating their products and services. Beautiful product images do help when it comes to marketing, but the most important part of what you do is what really sells. (Hint: That most important part… it’s YOU!)


An Immersive Visual Brand Story

Yes! Ding...ding...ding! We have a winner! Did you know, consumers need a minimum of seven interactions with your brand before committing to making a purchase? This means they need to interact with you and what you do in different ways. Sharing your brand story is the best way to build trust with your customers and turn those window shoppers into committed buyers! With your Immersive Visual Brand story, you will get plenty of images of YOU, your products and services, and images that tell the heart behind your brand. And, I’ll even teach you how to use your images effectively!


Each Branding Session is fully customizable AND strategically designed to market YOUR business! The average investment is between $1500-$3,000. 

Because that photo of you from your cousin’s wedding 10 years ago, isn't doing you any favors...

Are you ready to tell the world more about you and what you do?

 let's go!