Through and through, I am a midwest gal - give me all the open fields, sweet corn, and homemade ice cream. But, even though I firmly believe cheese curds should be on every restaurant menu, I also love big-city fashion, and I will *def* say yes to a beach vacay if offered. 

I'm Hannah!

hi friend!

It’s true about what they say...
the midwest is best!

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Get to Know Me

*The Cosmo Quiz Edition*

Artist’s Approach 

I believe an image is more than just a photo. In this digital age we live in, it’s often someone’s first impression of you! Photographs don’t need just to be pretty; they need to be honest, to tell the whole story. Photos should define the essence of who you are. I create images for seniors and entrepreneurs that show the real person inside the frame.


Just a few things that feature prominently in my life








my college sweetheart. he’s as funny and intelligent as he is cute. Time with him is always time well spent.

joy personified and arguably God’s greatest gift to me. 

When you beat cancer three times before you’re 16, there is no amount of wonder that comes from seeing the world.

just take my money already. Skincare is a love language, and Charlotte Tilberry is my boo.

The HRP Guidebook


Not That

Cilantro - controversial and delicious? I’m a fan!


Greenery - I love a beautifully lush outdoor space.

Taylor Swift - Can we all just agree her songs are basically the soundtrack for all of our lives?

Cheese Curds - blame it on the midwest if you need to, but cheese is the glue that holds my life together.

Yoga - Maybe it’s just the comfy pants, but it’s probably the health benefits too. Hey, I need something to balance my cheese intake! 

Pineapple on Pizza - Gordon Ramsey agrees with me, so I am confident in my stance!

Houseplants - I can and have killed cactus.

Country Music - unless it’s T-Swift, and then I am all in! 

Cheez-Whiz - if it’s not real cheese, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

Running - If I’m moving fast, you probably should be too ‘cause chances are something is chasing me.